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The Story of The Bee



Bee’s Family Tree


Spring is here, flowers are near, bees are dancing around the garden. It is the scent of these flowers that draw the bees to them. These bees stick their hairy legs into the flower bed full of pollens and their straw- like tongue into the nectar pool to take in flower nectar. Their concentration and how hardworking they are tells us that they are not wasting one second of the time. It’s wonderful to see the bees fly back to their hives with a stomach full of flower nectar and two full bags of pollen collected at their back legs.

Back in their hive, these collected pollens are to feed the younger bees and the nectar is used to make honey. In a beehive, there are 3 types of bees - – Drone Bee, Worker Bee, and Queen Bee.


Drone Bee

The Drone Bee is the male bee of the colony. Its job is to mate with the Queen Bee. After a Drone Bee has mated with the Queen Bee, it will die. This is because the Drone Bee’s sexual organ is detached off its body and attached to the Queen Bee’s body. This organ acts as a bag of sperm for the Queen Bee to carry around used to fertilize the eggs she laid.


The Queen Bee only needs to mate with a few Drone Bees. After the mating period, the rest of the Drone Bees who doesn’t have a chance to mate with the Queen Bee will be left jobless. At this time, they are considered useless bees. This is because they do not have the ability to collect flower pollens because they do not have hair on their back legs, they cannot collect flower nectar because their tongue is too short to reach them and that they eat 3 times more than the Worker Bees! The fate of these Drone Bees is cruel. They will be kicked out of the hives! How? When these Drones fly out of the hive to pass motion, they are not allowed to enter the hive again.




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